It think that many need a reality check before moving to Hawaii

It think that many need a reality check before moving to Hawaii

This site has a lot of really excellent insight and content, which I really appreciate! Even if my questions about the topic are of a different nature, seeing even an article I don’t relate to and the conversation it spawned has been very enlightening even if not surprising to me, and thus is helpful too! So big thanks to Jeff for your work on this; it’s great. I don’t know if you feel it would be appropriate, but I wonder if another article addressing other things relevant to people of this demographic (who are considering moving to Hawai’i as another state that would be a nice place to live, work, retire, etc.) because BEACHES! Whether as an explainer piece on various topics that come up among your comments, or more articles like this, from your perspective as a white mainlander who moved and has tried to integrate for many years, I think it would do so much good on many levels. Just suggestion, I know it must be time consuming!

WOW! G! I think you get the award for longest comment so far and also a trophy for thoughtful commentary. Big Mahalo!

So you really end up taking a double-hit: first you get hurt due to a much higher cost of living than nearly any other city and then you get whacked with a pay cut.

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