The new Influence away from Accessory towards the Youth and you will Adult Matchmaking

The new Influence away from Accessory towards the Youth and you will Adult Matchmaking

Close Connection Looks

While Main and colleagues’ (1985) categorization regarding adults’ conceptualization out-of accessory matchmaking try very important, they worried about the newest higher-level maxims of attachment owing to primarily asking throughout the mother-kid relationship.

Of several attachment interviews questions was indeed connected with the brand new adults’ reference to her parents and kids), and didn’t just take other sorts of attachment relationships, e.g. relationship between a couple grownups.

That crucial sorts of accessory relationship ranging from two adults are good partnership. Hazan and you can Razor (1987) banged off research worldwide by evaluating thinking-claimed questionnaires that questioned grownups in order to characterize their primary close relationship.

Hazan and Razor (1987) recognized about three collection of attachment styles contained in this close relationship that approximately corresponded to one another infant accessory appearances and Head ainsi que al. (1985) characterization on Adult Connection Interviews.

Safer Partners

Secure partners classified the important romantic relationship while the happier and you may thinking. They are able to assistance their lovers in spite of the partners’ problems.

Its dating as well as had a tendency to last longer. Safer people considered that, even in the event romantic ideas get wax and you can wane, some intimate love cannot disappear.

Avoidant Lovers

Avoidant partners was basically described as fear of closeness, mental pros and cons, and envy. Avoidant lovers were often not knowing of the emotions towards its romantic lovers, believed that personal like you will hardly history, and you may believed it absolutely was problematic for them to belong love.

Versus Safe lovers, Avoidant lovers said cool relationship with moms and dads in their youthfulness, and discovered their moms and dads like cooler and rejecting.

Ambivalent Partners

Ambivalent people recognized its primary romantic relationship from the fixation, desire for reciprocation and you can partnership, mental ups and downs, and you can high sexual appeal and you can jealousy.

Ambivalent lovers believed that it was simple for these to fall crazy, yet however they advertised you to definitely unfading love are tough to findpared to Secure couples, Ambivalent couples said cooler dating that have mothers in their youthfulness.

Four-Class Habits

Bartholomew and you may Horowitz (1991) put up a separate five-category model that has been able to bring different varieties of accessory experience and you may classify people just after carrying out each other interview and worry about-profile.

The four categories, Safe, Anxious-Preoccupied, Fearful-Avoidant, and you will Dismissive-Avoidant, was basically split considering an excellent 2×2 matrix: positive-negative mind-picture x positive-bad image of anyone else.

Shape step 1. Make of mature connection. Modified out-of “Connection Looks One of Young adults: An examination off a four-Class Design,” by K. Bartholomew and you can L. Yards. Horowitz, 1991, Record out-of Identification and you will Public Therapy, 61, p. 227.

It model try a you will need to consolidate both the methodologies (interviews against. self-report) additionally the foci (parent-guy compared to. personal dating) off Main ainsi que al. (1985) and Hazan and you can Shaver’s (1987) studies into adult accessory looks.

Another way away from conceptualizing these types of four kinds is explored by Brennan, Clark, and Shaver (1998), whom assessed the fresh four working activities having fun with a unique gang of dimensions: degree of accessory nervousness and you can standard of attachment reduction.

Within this matrix, the latest Safe people was indeed characterized by lowest anxiety and you can reduced protection; this new Anxious-Preoccupied adults was indeed characterized by higher stress and you may low protection; new Fearful-Avoidant grownups had been characterized by higher anxiety and you can higher protection; plus the Dismissive-Avoidant adults was indeed characterized by lowest nervousness and you will highest reduction.

Predicated on Bowlby’s principle (1988) whenever we function our very own number one attachment i including build an emotional symbol of exactly what a love are (internal working design) which i next have fun with for everyone most other relationship subsequently we.e. friendships, doing work and romantic dating.

Based on Bowlby (1969) later relationship are usually an extension out-of early accessory appearance (safe and you may vulnerable) given that behavior of one’s child’s primary attachment figure encourages an enthusiastic interior operating brand of dating that leads the little one to anticipate an identical inside afterwards matchmaking. Put differently there’ll be continuity between very early connection experience and soon after matchmaking. This really is known as the continuity theory.

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