Not one volunteer chose light or grey

Not one volunteer chose light or grey

Investigation step 1

With regard to ‘drawn to’ color 104 (99%) of one’s 105 suit volunteers replied that it concern which have fourteen (14%) participants going for ‘Yellow 14’ since their most widely used ‘drawn to’ color. 103 (98%) subjects replied the question regarding ‘favourite’ colour having 16 (16%) going for ‘Blue 28’. When it comes to ‘mood’ colour merely 41 (39%) of one’s match volunteers associated it that have a color having ‘Yellow14’ being the most popular ‘mood’ color alternatives.


In order to determine reproducibility 59 suit volunteers constant along with survey once an interval regarding 14 days. 20 (34%) people offered alike ‘drawn to’ colour response, 27 (46%) chose the same ‘favourite’ colour and 38 (64%) offered an equivalent ‘mood’ colour.

Research dos

The new percentage of individuals rating a certain colour as the confident or negative is actually shown in Profile step three. Including, colour primary are noticed positive because of the step 3% and you may negative by 24% while color amount 29 was thought confident for the 43% and negative by 2%. Thus you will find significant variation throughout the positive and negative attributions of the some other color. It actually was hence needed to present exactly what mixture of percentages, both negative and positive, better provided a sign of if a color should end up being thought to be positive otherwise negative into others getting categorized once the neutral. Consequently a series of eight permutations were developed (Table step one) having fun with varying percent for just what is actually evaluated a positive otherwise negative colour. Such as for instance, Permutation 1 outlined a confident colour as one where 20% or higher men and women regarded it confident and you will 5% or reduced regarded as it as negative. Likewise, a tone try recognized as negative if the 20% or more of people ranked it negative and you can 5% otherwise quicker ranked it as self-confident. People tone not meeting such requirements was classified because basic. Next permutations turned into more and more restrictive. New shipping of colors from inside the all the various other permutations is actually detailed in the Figure cuatro. A deeper striking finding try that color regarding same colour class (we.age. organization or reds) got completely different connotations for individuals, when it comes to their positivity or negativity, based on illumination and you can saturation (i.age. dark purple in the place of soft purple). For that reason, equivalent hues out-of more color organizations, by way of example dark vegetables and you may dark reds, was basically likely to have the same connotation than just different shades regarding exact same color class.

Negative and positive product reviews for every color of the match volunteers. The fresh new part of match volunteers just who ranked per color into the ‘Color Wheel’ once the either self-confident (P) otherwise negative (N) are shown. Like, 72% regarding professionals ranked Red 14 since the self-confident whereas 0.5% rated they negative however singular% out of volunteers ranked Black colored 33 since self-confident while 74% rated it as bad.

Shipments of colors on the seven permutations. The construction of your own 7 permutations was totally explained inside Table step 1. Permutations step 1 and 2 could be the very inclusive of confident and you will negative shade while Permutations 7 and 8 are the most restrictive. If the a trace is sensed none positive neither bad inside the a good kind of permutation it actually was classified because the simple.


So you’re able to evaluate reproducibility 23 some body constant the color survey 14 days after. Off all in all, 874 possible answers regarding opting for positive feeling colors, 767 (88%) was basically the exact same. Also, 798 (91%) bad feeling tone was the same when expected another date.

Investigation step 3

108 (100%) stressed and you may 108 (98%) disheartened individuals answered brand new ‘drawn to’ concern having ‘Yellow 14’ becoming the preferred in organizations (anxious = thirteen (12%), depressed = 11 (10%)). 108 (100%) anxious and you may 109 (99%) disheartened subjects responded to issue into the ‘favourite’ color with 11 (10%) anxious going for ‘Blue 28’ as the utmost prominent colour and you may 18 (17%) depressed opting for ‘Blue 27’ directly accompanied by fifteen (17%) individuals opting for ‘Blue 28’. 76 (70%) anxious and 87 (79%) disheartened volunteers related a tone on the aura that have ‘Grey 35’ and you may ‘Grey 36’ monopolising the big a few towns of these two organizations. twelve (16%) nervous somebody and you will 19 (22%) depressed picked ‘Grey 36’ and you can 7 (9%) anxious and thirteen (15%) disheartened selected ‘Grey 35’ (Contour 5).

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